Our Principles and Promises

Our Guarantees

Any brand can make a promise, but what separates us from the rest is that our brand is anchored on our guarantees. You won’t get anything lesser than these guarantees.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – We make sure to be as transparent to you on what’s in each and every product that we sell. Our individual product pages will always tell you all the ingredients and together with INCIDecoder, the ability to know if each ingredient is good or not is in your hands.

MEDICAL GRADE SKIN CARE – There are largely two classifications of skin-care, medical grade and drugstore/over-the-counter skin care. The difference with medical grade products is that they are backed with strong research and they are clinically-proven to be powerful and effective with ingredients designed to achieve real change within the skin.

CRUELTY & PARABEN FREE – Parabens are preservatives that may disrupt the normal function of hormones. When you have a disrupted hormones, all sorts of things can happen! You can have cystic acne, a super dry face or an uncontrollably oily face. Cruelty on the other hand is when products are tested on different kinds of animals to find out if any sort of chemical reaction would happen. Something we will never do!

30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Your skin care regimen recommendation will only come from our trained and licensed aestheticians, if within your first skin cycle, you do not notice any results (reduction of acne, scars, spots or unclogging of pores and your skin hydration returning to normal), then we’d be happy to refund your money. Just call our V Magic hotline and our friendly aestheticians would be more than happy to assist you with your return request.

Our Story

We know the struggle of figuring out the reasons for your skin concerns and doing a trial and error skincare regimen that might work for you. Most go through invasive facial treatments to cure these problems. Worry no more! Because V Magic is here to take out the guess work out from your skincare. 

On the year 2006, a Singapore-trained Malaysian aesthetician, Ms. Jones Hu came up with the idea of providing tailor-fit products made from natural ingredients that help awaken the cells, giving a similar effect to cosmetic surgery. From then on, V Magic flourished and helped bring young, healthy and glowing skin to men and women across Asia.

What we stand for

We aim to educate our clients on these core principles

Everyone’s skin is unique. Understanding its current condition is a prerequisite prior to doing any skin care.

Each skin condition is diagnosed by understanding the health of both the inner and outer layer of one’s skin to come up with the root cause of each problem (acne, oily or dry skin, sagging skin, wrinkles or pigmentation)

Only after understanding the root cause must a product be purchased.

Our Awards

2019 Beauty Awards

V Magic Extreme Repair Mask (Bio-Cellulose)

2019 Beauty Awards

V Magic Power C Booster

2019 Iconic Awards

Brand & Entrepreneur
Best Face Serum

2018 Beauty Awards

Best Serum
Nuit Hydrating Pre-Serum