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V Magic Ambassador Program

This is an invite-only program that partners with ambassadors like you to help tell the story of the V Magic brand while getting rewarded for it.

How This Program Works

Be Invited

Take note of all the changes that happened to you after undergoing the Skin Transformation Program.

Think of this as your honest review of the program and you’ve experienced during your treatment.

Share Your Story

Your story means a lot. Help hundreds of struggling people find an answer to their skin issues by sharing your story.

At the end of each of your posts, we’ll give you a promo code incase your friends and family want to sign up.

Inspire Change

Be Rewarded when someone uses your promo code and starts their Skin Transformation Program Journey.

The power of one story can truly impact a lot.


Jemy Sosa

Jemy is a mom that knows how to have fun. Aside from taking care of her team of 400 she knows how to take care of herself. This was Jemy’s experience.

“Work keeps me up on my toes in the morning and I am a mom by night. My skin transformation experience has been a transformative one. V Magic has been such a memorable experience”

Jemy has been a V Magic Lover since 2019.

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Here’s what folks often ask us. If your question isn’t here, connect with us.

I want to learn more about the Ambassador Program

Simply put, Ambassadors are great people who share V Magic’s vision and values. Ambassadors are exclusively invited individuals who are active in their communities promoting a lifestyle of wellness. They also love the brand and want to share it with their communities.

How do I be a part of the program?

This program is invite only, but if you feel that you were not invited and you align to V Magic’s vision and values, please use the form to the right to let us know your interest. 

Our criteria for inviting you is very simple. You must be a wellness advocate and you must have tried (or commit to try) our Skin Transformation Program. All payments are done every 15th and 30th days of the month to the Ambassador’s nominated account.

I have other questions.

Brand Ambassadors get 10% commission for everytime someone uses their code and they are also able to share an exclusive promo code to their community for an additional one time price off. We want this to be your gift to your community. 

If you have other questions, please email us at [email protected] and we will be glad to help you get started.