Skin Questions

A skin cycle is the process where a new skin cell is formed. On average, a skin cycle takes 21 days for teenagers, 28 days for ages below 30 and it just gets slower as we age. So what’s important here is to make sure we help our skin by giving it the nutrients it needs through proper skin care.

A skin type is a composed of different indicators that tell you what kind of skin you may have. There are four main indicators that dictate one’s skin’s health namely skin’s moisture, sensitivity, pigmentation and tightness. You can find out what your results are on your skin’s four indicators as well as how healthy your skin is by taking our online Facial Analysis and Skin Typing test. A similar test is also available for taking in our Experience Centers, this time with a skin analyzer machine. Just book an appointment with us.

Skin hydration is the measure of how well our cells can hold water inside while skin moisture is the measure of how much oil is present to prevent the water from going out.

Our skin types are similar to our finger prints – no two people have the exact skin types and indicators. You’d have to undergo a Skin Analysis Test (we offer one that’s free!) and learn what your skin concerns are. Only then can an appropriate regimen be created for you.

Product Questions

All V Magic products are formulated with nature in mind first. 99% of what’s in our skin care products can be found from substances in nature. Of course some may be further synthesized in the lab and formulations to include a little preservative to make sure the creams and liquids do not breakdown.

All our active ingredients, products and technology are sourced from Europe. Most of the innovations in terms of raw materials and product formulations come from Europe. While there are new Asian hubs for cosmetic innovations, our skin care isn’t a trial and error process. We only deliver you the best products that work. The European Union also has the highest standards and the strictest regulations – with over 400 banned ingredients, which V Magic strictly adheres to.

Ordering, Shipping
& Returns

If this happens – we’re very, very sorry. But please let us know through any of our channels (either email, SMS, phone, Facebook messenger) and we will immediately replace with the correct products plus a little gift to say sorry for your troubles.

While we make sure all of our products are properly wrapped, sealed and packaged, sometimes accidents happen along the way. Please send us a photo of the damaged item (so we can claim this against product insurance) and we’ll immediately send you the replacement so you can begin your skin care regimen pronto!

We have a number of convenient payment options. You can pay with your credit or debit card (to get those rewards points and miles!). We also accept Gcash and bank transfers via Instapay or PesoNet,

We use JRS Express for Philippine parcels and DHL for international parcels. Please expect Metro Manila parcels to be delivered within 2 days and provincial orders from 3 days to 7 days (depending on destination). For international orders, DHL normally takes 5-7 days to clear customs. The cliche saying a little patience goes a long way does really apply!

We understand that not everyone’s comfortable shopping on the Internet. If you feel this way, please feel free to call us at the V Magic Hotline – 0917-1506044 or 02-7507-8399 and our Aesthetic Consultants would be more than happy to assist you.

Shipping fee is free for orders Php 4,999 and above. It’s flat rate Php 88 anywhere in the country for orders below Php 4,999.

Your skin care regimen recommedation will only come from our trained and licensed aestheticians. If within your first skin cycle, you do not notice any results (reduction of acne, scars, spots or unclogging of pores and your skin hydration returning to normal), then we’d be happy to refund your money. Just call our V Magic hotline and our friendly aestheticians would be more than happy to assist you with your return request.