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First Signs of Aging

Why it happens?

This normally happens when we reach our 30s, which is part of the normal aging cycle. The aging deepens and worsens as we get older because every year we lose 1% of our ability to produce collagen. Also, sleeping late means missing the opportunity of collagen release at 11pm and 1am.

How do you know you have it?

First signs of aging include when the skin starts to sag and deep eyebags that don’t seem to lighten even if you have adequate amount of sleep.

How do you treat it?

It is crucial that at the first time you notice this is to hydrate your skin and double time using sunscreen. It is crucial that you apply sunscreen every four hours to protect yourself from further damage.

In the evening, use our signature V Magic Gel paired with the V Pre Serum. This duo has four cell communicating ingredients that tell your skin to behave better.

Check out our special package tailor fit for your skin condition. It’s special because the bundle price is significantly lower compared to individual purchase of the items.

Package Recommendation

Wrinkle Prevention & Control

Contrary to the popular belief, wrinkle care shouldn’t only be addressed when wrinkles show. It should be addressed early to slow down the process at one’s current age.