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Pigmented, Sun Damaged, Unwanted Spots

Why it happens?

UVA is one of the two harmful rays from the sun. It plays the most crucial role in long term damage such as wrinkles and at times, skin cancer. UVB on the other hand causes sunburns. Once our skin has too much of these rays, the skin triggers melanogenesis which is the creation of excessive melanin.

How do you know you have it?

It is easy to spot the presence of pigmentation on your face. They’re the dark spots that stand out on your face.

How do you treat it?

These annoying spots can be cured by using special serums that help repair damages on a cellular level.

Our formula for solving this concern is a mix of our best selling W Serum, our pH balancing soothe toner, our Vitamin C booster which has the most potent Vitamin C dose to lighten pigmentation and of course sunscreen to protect yourself.

Check out our special package tailor fit for your skin condition. It’s special because the bundle price is significantly lower compared to individual purchase of the items.

Package Recommendation

Acne and Age Spots Repair

Unwanted spots occur in our skin because of age, sun damage or pimple scar marks. These spots normally start with smaller unnoticeable ones until they multiply and become out of control.