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Sensitive &
Irritated Skin

Why it happens?

Your skin becomes sensitive because of four things. Your skin is acne prone. You are a stinger (everything you put stings you due to having exposed nerve endings). You’ve consumed (eaten or taken) something you’re allergic to. Or you have rosacea due to a certain strain of bacteria.

How do you know you have it?

If you normally experience stings with the lightest of things you do to your skin, you know that your skin is sensitive. If you sleep late, drink too much coffee and have a breakout the next day, that’s for sure, sign of a sensitive skin.

How do you treat it?

Treating sensitive skin is simple. Make sure your cleanser DOES NOT irritate your skin. Relieve the current inflammation by using a soothing pH balancing toner. Lastly, those with sensitive skin normally have damaged or dry skin. Add in a serum that’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Here’s a special package tailor fit for your skin condition. It’s special because the bundle price is significantly lower compared to individual purchase of the items.

Package Recommendation

Skin Soothing

Our body is smart. It has its own natural defense mechanism to combat changes around or within us-from temperature, environment or changes due to stress and hormone levels.