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Uneven Skintone

Why it happens?

When you have pigmented skin, you should already expect to have different portions of your skin that are either darker or lighter. This is either caused by genetics or personal habits and lifestyle. Excessive smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, poor diet and of course, too much sun exposure are normal culprints that cause the darkening of your skintone.

How do you know you have it?

Notice the areas by the sides of your face where the temple is? This is one of the most observable portions in the face for uneven skin tone. The darker portions of your face will normally be two to three tones darker than the lightest portion of your face.

How do you treat it?

Treating uneven skin tone requires your face to be primarily hydrated and moisturized. Otherwise, treatments will not have an effect as skin tone treatments are normally drying.

Our formula for solving this concern is the use of our signature Cellular Refine Serum that works to help make the most of your cell regeneration cycle. This is best paired with our Duol Buffer which helps maximize your exfoliation without drying the skin.

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Package Recommendation

Exfoliation and Cell Renewal

Depending on your skin cell cycle, new skin cells are generated and pushed towards the topmost layer of skin. While our skin naturally sheds, there are particles or dead skin that is left behind.