Things a skin care lover should know.


Aging is like mountaineering—you’re never sure if you’ll make it to the top looking like how you started. But with a steady and dependable skincare partnered with a healthy lifestyle, we can keep our skin’s radiance, and age gracefully, too, along the way.


The impact of collagen and elasticity

Our skin produces collagen and has strong elasticity for the first three or so decades of our lives, but it eventually decreases as we shed skin cells all throughout our days. That being said, a good skincare is always important no matter what age you’re in.  An effective routine can prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help regenerate skin cell production keeping your skin feeling and looking its best!


Solving everything, solves nothing

While skincare is important, it is imperative that we know our skin treatment priorities before we dive into a routine, primarily because it helps determine which regimen to follow. Trying to solve everything solves nothing and no one product can “fix” your skin issues. Following and knowing your treatment priority is the backbone of your skin care journey.


You may ask, how many priorities are there? Well, there are four skin priorities that you need to determine before you dive deeper and here are some steps that you can start with:


1.     Soothing Skin Sensitivity

When we have a weak skin barrier, it is unable to fully protect you from dust, bacteria, allergens, and dirt. Some concerns relating to sensitive skin are:


A.    Stinging—caused by insect bites, stings, or allergic reactions to perfumes, lotions or other substances. This can also be caused by very dry skin.


B.    Rosacea—common condition caused by blushing or flushing and showing visible blood vessels/bumps that are acne like on the face.


C.     Allergies—It is when skin becomes irritated because the immune system reacted to something that is usually harmless. Rashes can be caused by many things, including exposure to certain plants (poison ivy, for example), or an allergic reaction to a medication or a food.


D.    Acne-Prone—Having frequent breakouts may mean you have an acne-prone skin. This means your pores tend to get clogged easily making you susceptible to breakouts.


People with sensitive skin tend to experience one or two of these. One cannot move to the next treatment priority without fixing this first, primarily because everything you will put on your skin will further irritate it. Handling sensitive skin with care is important, and the first step to helping your skin is by regular cleansing.


V Magic’s Brightening Cleanser

Look for products that are gentle on the skin and do not have harsh chemicals and ingredients. V Magic’s Brightening Cleanser removes daily dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oil gently. It’s perfect for the daily and constant washing of the face as it does the job without drying out your skin. Leaving make-up on can also become a habit. With that, V Magic’s Vigor Tonique Soothe is perfect for toning the skin and soothing skin sensitivity.

V Magic’s Vigor Tonique Soothe

2.     Strengthening Skin Barrier

Having bigger than normal pores that are blocked by black heads and white heads is a telltale sign that you have a weak skin barrier. These are caused by dust, dirt, and oil build-up due to not washing the face properly. It can also be brought about by using the wrong cleanser. Harsh cleansers tend to strip your skin off its natural oils, oils, and other proteins that make up the skin’s barrier.


Tending your skin barrier back to its healthier state is no walk in the park, but the good news is, it’s totally fixable! Re-assessing your skin care routine can help. Your skin won’t be able to protect itself so you must look for products with skin-repair ingredients and stay away from parabens, sulfur, and alcohol.


V Magic’s Duol Buffer

It is also beneficial to apply products that help replenish hydration and moisture as the loss of it makes the skin less plump and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. This skin priority ensures your pores aren’t blocked and that your skin is kept hydrated. Unclog your pores with V Magic’s Duol Buffer, a gentle face scrub with pharmaceutical-grade Vibrio Alginolyticus Ferment Filtrate from French Polynesia to polish away dead skin cells, minimize pores, and refine skin texture. To hydrate your parched skin, use V Magic’s Magic Nuit Hydrating Pre Serum. It infuses skin cells with new vitality to promote cellular energy and cell turnover while retexturing skin.


V Magic’s Magic Nuit Hydrating Pre Serum


3.     Lightening Blemishes and Spots

You’re probably like some people who are itching to pop their acne. What’s frustrating is, whether you lay a finger on it or not, some leave dark marks on the skin. Lightening spots and blemishes is the hardest to treat since there are a lot of factors that cause pigmented skin. It could either be genetics or personal habits and lifestyle.


Aside from pimple and acne marks, other issues related to pigmentation are melasma, age spots, and sunspots. Treating uneven skin tone requires your face to be primarily hydrated, moisturized, and not sensitive. It may take a while, but dark spots tend to be lighter over time and eventually go away.


V Magic’s Magic White Serum

There are products we can use to alleviate this particular concern. V Magic’s Magic White Serum has active ingredients that help regenerate and accelerate skin renewal that are not harmful on the skin. It also supports the skin’s natural ability to heal and repair.



4.     Reviving Skin Structure

Once all the other priorities have been managed, the last thing left to do is to revive your skin structure. You see, as a person ages, we tend to develop fine lines, wrinkles and God forbid, sagging skin. This treatment priority is mainly focused on those.


Over the course of your life, you should pay attention to all parts of your skin, familiarize yourself with it and take note of any change that may occur– a balanced diet is essential in keeping skin healthy. Not only that, but you should also thoroughly cleanse your face and choose products that are gentle on the skin and ones without harmful chemicals. Aging skin needs help from products with active ingredients that improve skin structure like V Magic’s V Gel, also known as ‘Botox in a Bottle’, the V Gel will give your skin an instant lift.


V Magic’s V Gel


When you finally realize what your skin priority is, skin care will be easier, and efforts will not be put to waste. A friendly reminder though, there is a myriad of skin and beauty products out there. Choose yours with caution. Always read the label and ingredients list. V Magic’s natural ingredients are not only safe for all skin types, but they also work how they’re supposed to work. With V Magic, you can never go wrong.

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